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Keith Dolman


Keith worked in Kaingaroa, Gisborne and Wellington following graduation with a Forestry hons degree from Canterbury.

After dissolution of the NZ Forest Service in 1987, he secured a 5½ year assignment with the World Bank in Papua New Guinea before taking a Master’s qualification in business from the University of Southern Queensland.

Over the past twenty years, he has led long term forestry reform contracts in the Philippines, Ghana, Solomon Islands, Malawi and Kenya.

Stephen Bell


Steve has been involved in the forest industry since 1991 and has worked from the ground up, gaining tertiary qualifications along the way.

For most of his career he has been employed by Forest Management NZ Ltd, where he has played a key part in the establishment and tending of the 26,000+ hectares of Roger Dickie forest partnerships on the East Coast. He is proud of this achievement and passionate about the forest industry.

Matthew Croft


Matt has been part of the Hawke’s Bay forest industry for over 15 years the last 10 of which have been with Rayonier Matariki Forests where he is presently regional manager for the Hawke’s Bay & SNI regions. He has a Forestry Science degree from Canterbury University.

Matt has held varied forestry roles during his career including; forest management, woodlot harvesting, harvesting management, log sales, and as a resource manager for a plywood mill.

He sees the Hawke’s Bay Forestry Group as an excellent opportunity for regional forestry companies to address common issues that affect this growing industry.